A short list of the questions that I get asked on a very frequent basis, mostly stemming from my YouTube channel.  If there is anything you think I should add, shoot me an email anthony@cutanddestroy.com.

Do you cut your stencils by hand?

Yes, I cut everything by hand with a #11 Xacto blade.  The cutting is the best part, in my opinion.  It is relaxing, therapeutic even.  Plus is gives me the opportunity to binge watch shows on Netflix.

What do you cut your stencils out of?

For pieces that I want to reuse for a decent amount of time, I use .003mm Duralar.  For everything else, especially those pieces with a lot of detail, I use regular lightweight printer paper.  I get my templates printed on the large format printer at kinkos for about $.75/sq ft.

What do you use to hold the stencils down?  Are those magnets??

No, they are not magnets!  (You’d be surprised how often I get that question)  I use coins, nuts, rocks, and these little Stencil Spiders™ I developed.  I do not use spray adhesive, and I highly discourage it’s use as well.  I think one can achieve similar or better results with just a few weights and good can control.

Is “xyz” for sale?  Can I commission you?

I almost always make a second copy of every piece I paint, so never hesitate to shoot me an email if you see something you’d like.  Same goes for commissions.  I’m always looking for a fun project to work on.

How do you line up your layers so perfectly?

Check out my tutorial on that very subject.  Perfect alignment every time!

Where do you get the music for your videos?

www.trumental.com  CHill is an amazing and generous producer.  His beats are free to use for pretty much anything.  Just be sure to give him credit and post a link to his site if you use any of his work.

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